Surviving The Big Bang

Surviving The Big Bang

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A collection of short stories of real survivors, who were able to escape pains, death or other fatalities to prove that human will always, wins the battle. Those tales might inspire you a new path to survive the upcoming Big Bang

Hala has a PhD in Sustainable Development in Education and Economy. She is a highly intellectual personality that thrives to excel over the limits of circumstances to exploit her own potentials regardless of what realities can offer. Hala deeply believes that what makes talented people interested in giving what they have to others are those great moments of enjoyment they experience .Nobody can take away those moments since they are the gifts of God to those whom he favors.

104 الصفحات
17x24 القياس
2018\الأولى سنة ورقم الطبعة
978-9933-36-197-6 ISBN
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