Dar Al Fikr 2018 ( in Lines )

A limited partnership established in 1957 AD, from which several corporate companies branched.

  1. Interested in the culture of adults as well as their children.
  2. Choose their publications in accordance with the norms of creativity, science, need and future.
  3. Respect the rights of intellectual property and incite others to hold them respectably.
  4. Feel proud of the Arab and Islamic cultural roots and endeavor to developing and updating them.
  5. Believe in the human freedom in thinking, expression and knowledge and defend them.
  6. Respect and traces the other's opinion and see a means of recreating and developing ideas through dialogue.
  7. Prepare their own publishing schemes and programs and release them a month, a year and for long terms.
  8. Stretch their bridges for the reader and communicate with him/her through the programs they lay: The Greedy Reader's Bank, The Exchange Library, The Free Borrowing and The Gift for Ideas.
  9. Manufacture knowledge and care for high quality production starting from the idea and purport and ending with the form and production.
  10. Grant their annual award for the story and the novel, and honor writers, creators as well as readers annually.
  11. Provide access to the book through the services of swift deliverance and book sale on the Internet.
  12. Cope with the modern age with their numerous sites: Fikr: www.darfikr.com, Furat: www.furat.com Zamzam: www.zamzamworld.com.
  13. Continue their cultural and informational activities through their annual cultural festival, which goes abreast with The Book International Day as well as their symposiums and celebrations of signatures.
  14. Acquired the Award of the Best Arab Publisher from Egypt General Committee of the Book in 2003.
  15. Acquired
  16. Through their publications
  17. Four awards from The Institute of Scientific Progress in Kuwait for their books: Laparoscopic Surgery 2000, The Horizons of the 21st Century, My Escape to Freedom (in the field of translation), A Brief History of the Universe from the Big Bang to Cloning and The Human Genome and its Ethics (in the field of scientific compilation).
  18. Their preliminary capital was 1.000.000, which has been frequently increased.
  19. 73 officials undertake their works in accordance with an accurate organized framework and practice programs.
  20. Their publications exceeded 2435 titles covering all branches of knowledge.
  21. The number of their authors exceeds 500 for adults and 100 writers for children, who represent the most well
  22. Known authors in the Arab Homeland and the whole world.
  23. Their series (Dialogues for a New Century) is still a unique cultural enterprise snatched by all intellectuals in the Arab Homeland.
  24. Produced more than 1000 titles for children in the form of didactic and educational distinctive series.
  25. Released a number of their books in English and sold the translation copyrights of a number of their books from Arabic into other languages and purchased such copyrights for translation into Arabic.
  26. Released a number of electronic books, programs and three
  27. Dimensional games.
  28. Follow an annual program announced on their annual list which they are committed to.
  29. Pass their book through 60 stages, from planning for it with the author till the reader has had access to it.
  30. Have an experienced team for linguistic revision who work in accordance with the company's own guide.
  31. Concerned in the direct marketing of the book through deliberately studied and distinctive channels and programs.
  32. Some of their books have realized unprecedented sales to represent the bestsellers in the Arab Homeland.
  33. Broke the race record when they launched the first site of an Arab publisher on the Internet www.darfikr.com and the first Arab book electronic store www.furat.com, and they have had the honor of distinction in their programs, the awards which honor the author, the creator and the reader, their annual logo and their premature schemes.

Dar Al-Fikr: know what to publish, who they publish for and how to publish …


Our Mission

Working in the field of intellectual and cultural creativity through printing books, CDs, multimedia and any other word holders; publishing and distributing them, holding symposiums, dialogues and workshops, aiming at realizing a rewarding trade profit that helps them achieve their message and cultural view.


Our View

  1. Providing the society with thought which lightens its way to a better future.
  2. Eradicating knowledge monopolization as well as rooting the culture of dialogue and the necessities of multiplicity.
  3. Supporting the spark of thought with the fuel of continuous innovation.
  4. Stretching direct bridges with the reader for realizing cultural reaction with the society.
  5. Emitting childhood powers which is the means of advance and the continuity of the human progress.
  6. Seeking help from an elite of thinkers in addition to our own systems undertaking edition, research and translation.
  7. Preparing the publication schemes and announcing them each season, year and for long terms.

Our Values

  1. Enriching the spirit of efficiency in the society for the word to restore its power and influence.
  2. Publication industry is considered a message before being a trade, though each is considered a factor of success and both exchange such an effect.
  3. The human is in bad need of reading because it assimilates the key to progress and advance.
  4. The freedom of thought and expression within moral obligations, for they represent favorable environment for reading to prosper.
  5. The other is necessary for developing, estimating and recreating ideas.
  6. Intellectual property is one of the sacred rights from the Human Rights which should be respected, because the intellectual business during the age of knowledge is worthier of protection than the manual business during the age of industry.
  7. The human knowledge is heaped up and is enriched by the consecutive generations; whereas the generation that adds nothing new is neglected by history.
  8. Standard Arabic represents the nation's identity and future. Therefore, it should be preserved from wordplay and negligence.
  9. The Book is a responsibility that the publisher should undertake in both form an purport.
  10. Heritage represents roots on which we establish, and over which we build provided that we do not stop at it or turn round it.
  11. Selecting publications in accordance with the norms of creativity, science, need, future and repelling imitation, the stereotype and whatever out of date.
  12. Subjecting all works to scientific, educational and linguistic revision according to our own guide and approach.

Our experience

During the last fifty years, which were plentiful with social, cultural and intellectual alterations, Dar Al -Fikr has had valuable experience that enabled them to cope with such alterations while they firmly adhere to their message, views and values within the frame of the local, Arab and international laws, which conferred upon them a background plentiful with trust in the eyes of official and domestic institutes. Moreover, they gained the respect of the reader who has got accustomed to wait for its new publication for the trust he/she has got towards both of its design and purport.